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Pradžia: 2013-09-22

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"The earth holds countless havens where solace may be found by a tender heart. The last flame flickers and dies the camp is asleep except for one he alone appreciates the delicate sounds and visions brought before him by the forest at twilight. Fireflies dance in the cool air to the sound of the cricket's serenade a gentle smile forms on the watcher’s lips but the owl’s cries fade away and the night’s creatures hide before the rising mist as dawn comes…" (Nest - Enchantment For Few) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is my space dedicated to sharing and promoting Instrumental metal, Instrumental rock, Post-rock, Ambient, Neo folk, Dark folk, Dungeon Synth and more. Welcome! Este es mi espacio dedicado a compartir y promocionar Metal instrumental, Rock instrumental, Post-rock, Música ambiental, Dark folk, Neo folk, Dungeon Synth y mucho más. Bienvenidos!
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